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Balcony Dog House
This house is designed for the smaller animals in your home, and while of a more compact nature, does not sacrifice comfort or style for space. The cedar construction and raised base architecture allows you the freedom to keep this house indoors or outdoors, while keeping your pet warm and dry. As a bonus this house has steps along one side which lead to a wonderful roof-top balcony allowing your pet the freedom to enjoy the weather of the warmer months, while still in the comfort of his or her own home.

Dimensions: 29 in x 21 in x 26 in



Country Lodge Dog House

The Country Lodge Dog House is comfort and functionality in a great dog house!
Walnut colored stain on solid fir wood.
  • Solid Wood Construction
  • Raised Floor to Keep Your Pet Dry
  • Assembles in Four Simple Steps
  • Peak-roof Design
  • Waterproof Leg Protectors
  • Adjustable Feet for Rough Terrain
  • Durable Weatherproof Liner within Roof for Added Protection during Rainy Season

  • Small
  • outside 28"L x 30"W x 30"H
inside 22.5"L x 22"W x 23"H 
door 13.3"H x 9.4"W

outside: 30W x 35D x 32H inches
inside: 24W x 26.25D x 25.75H inches
door:  12.6W x 15.7H inches


outside: 32W x 40D x 34H inches
inside: 26W x 31.5D x 27.5H inches
door: 13W x 16.7H inches



Slanted Log Cabin Dog House

Design and construction ensures longevity for the Slanted Log Cabin dog house. Its solid wood construction features a real asphalt shingled, slanted roof providing extreme water resistance and legs have thick plastic caps to help prevent wood rot. With an off-center entrance, the Log Cabin provides increased shelter from the elements and allows pet to move and turn with ease. Solid wood construction; slanted roof with asphalt shingles increases water resistance; raised slat floor will keep pets dry and properly ventilated; waterproof, plastic feet help prevent wood rot; durable, weather resistant liner within roof for added protection during rainy season.


- External: 34L x 25W x 22H inches
- Internal: 29L x 19.5W x 15H inches
- Door Opening: 8.7W x 13H inches


- External: 46W x 27D x 28H inches
- Internal: 40W x 21D x 19.5H inches
- Door Opening: 12.6W x 18.7H inches



Steps Up Dog House

If you are looking for a house that will spell luxurious comfort for your pet, the  Steps Up Dog House is just right for you. Boasting a solid fir wood construction, it features steps along one side, which lead to a roof-top balcony with slat rails. This is where your pet will love to lounge and enjoy a nap in the sun during the warmer months! Weatherproof leg protectors and a raised-floor design resist moisture and ensure that this dog house stays dry and provides comfortable shelter to your pet even in extreme weather conditions, whether hot, cold, or wet, for years to come.

Small Dog House Dimensions
  • Door opening: 12.08W x 9.45H
  • Interior: 31W x 22D x 16.6H
  • Staircase: 11.8W x 8.3D x 14.6H
  • Overall: 33W x 25.8D x 28H
  • Door opening: 16W x 11.8H
  • Interior: 37.9W x 28D x 20.6H
  • Staircase: 15.7W x 9.2D x 19.2H
  • Overall: 40W x 32D x 32H 

Large Dog House Dimensions

  • Door: 13W x 17.9H
  • Staircase: 16W x 10.4D x 20.6H
  • Overall 48W x 32D x 35H


Beach House Dog House

Your dog will love chilling out in their Beach House Dog House. This lightweight, durable house will keep your pet safe and comfortable in style. It features a unique beach house look, a slatted roof with sheet lining, and a raised floor. It is completely non-toxic and naturally weather-resistant.

The Primary Wood in Pet Squeak Dog Houses is Cunninghamia Lanceolata, commonly referred to as "White Cedar" or "Stained Whitewood." This special wood is renowned for it's strong fresh aroma, pest resistance, and appearance.

- External: 25W x 29.5D x 25.5H inches     
- Door Opening: 8.75W x 11H inches



Ultimate Dog House

Get it all with the Ultimate Dog House! The Ultimate Dog House features a waterproof shingle roof, adjustable waterproof feet, a slanted-roof design, and solid wood construction.

External: 33.5W x 22.5D x 22.75H inches
Door Opening: 8.75W x 13H inches



Twin Peaks Dog House

Your little best friend will love the comfort and quality construction of the Twin Peaks Dog House, and we've included a FREE door, too! Your pet will enjoy protection from weather and elements achieved through weatherproof sealed coating, solid wood construction, an extended eave, and a weatherproof liner within the roof. This multi-faceted protection will improve the quality of life for your dog when outside.

Door: 9.8W x 14.8H inches
Interior dimensions: 24.25W x 22.32D x23.3H inches
Exterior dimensions: 37W x 35D x 31H inches



Porch Front Dog House

Now your dog can enjoy easy country living and front-porch sitting with this Porch Front Dog House. Its solid fir construction means it's naturally resistant to those sudden prairie rains and occasional plague of pests. A few modifications have been made for the modern era, including the addition of a raised floor and sheet-lined inner roof.

28.25W x 25D x 23.5H inches



Lodge Dog House

Even Fido deserves his own space. Give him a place to call his own with the Lodge Dog House. This adorable dog house features a unique chalet style, shingle pattern roof with sheet lining, and a raised floor. It is completely non-toxic and naturally weather-resistant. Keep the natural wood look or paint it to match your home. Overall, this pet palace is a great value!

External: 25.5W x 34.5D x 33H inches
Internal: 20W x 27.5D x 27H inches
Door Opening: 9.75W x 15.25H inches



Barn Dog House

Your dog will love the Barn Dog House. You'll love it too! A great value, this dog house features a classic barn look, an asphalt shingle roof with sheet lining, and a raised floor. It is completely non-toxic and naturally weather-resistant.

External: 25.5W x 25.75D x 27.5H inches
Internal: 21W x 19D x 23H inches
Door Opening: 9.5W x 11.25H inches



Deluxe Dog House

The Deluxe Dog House offers your dog a slice of the good life with its numerous design features. Constructed of durable resin, this solidly built dog house stands up to the most abusive weather conditions. A removable roof, as well as a crowned floor, makes cleaning your dog house easy and efficient. The dog house features a circulation system of vents to keep your dog comfortable. The attractive tan frame with an olive green roof and an easy, snap-together assembly make this the perfect choice for your furry friend.


Tan with Olive Green Roof

Door Dimensions

11.75W x 20.5H inches

Exterior Dimensions

24W x 33D x 29H inches

Dog Size

Medium , Small 



Designer Dog Box Bed

Keep your dog comfortable and your home stylish with the Designer Dog Box Bed. Not every dog can be trusted to roam free while you're gone for the day, but now you don't have to worry. This stylish bed doubles as a crate, so you'll know your dog and the state of your home is safe. Come on, wouldn't you like to lounge around in such comfortable quarters all day? We thought so.

Bed dimensions:

11.5 x 23.5 x 11.5 outside; 10 x 22 x 9.5 inside



Cafe Pet Tent

Pets will love this luxurious pet bed, affectionately called the Cafe Pet Tent. Fashioned from sumptuous, light brown micro suede fabric trimmed in chocolate brown, this pet tent has stylish, contemporary appearance. Accessories include a chocolate brown wood spire and a matching brown pillow. When your dog or cat enters their tent and nestles down on the their special pillow, they will feel safe, secure, and comfortable.

This bed features a raised sleeping area to protect your pet from drafts and cold floors, while the canopy shields your pet from harsh lights and loud noises. It is lightweight and easy to move.

This pet bed is crafted from the finest materials available and built for years of performance. For cleaning, simply remove the machine-washable pillow cover and wash periodically. Vacuum the tent canopy regularly and dry clean as needed.

21W x 17D x 29.5H inches


A-Frame Dog House

The A-Frame Dog House that any dog would love to call home!

External: 28W x 28.75D x 29.75H inches
Internal: 22.5W x 23D x 23H inches
Door Opening: 9.5W x 13.5H inches



Eco Friendly Dog House

Your dog is already eco-friendly, what with fertilizing your lawn his entire life, so reward him with his own "green" house!

This Eco Friendly Dog House is paintable, and maintenance-free. Made of recycled, post consumer polymers and wood fibers, this dog house is a perfect way to make a green choice. You won't need any tools to put it together, and it comes in a variety of sizes listed below. The roof is removable for easy cleaning, and the sturdy chrome-plated metal frame provides additional durability. Its unique construction makes it resistant to rot and moisture.

22W x 24.5D x 25H inches



Fir Log Cabin Dog House

Here's the last dog house you'll need to buy:

Constructed of solid fir wood, this dog house is weather-resistant. Fir is one of the finest woods you can choose for outdoor use. It resists rot and weather. The roof is particularly important in a dog house, and that's why we chose weatherproof asphalt shingle. Rain and snow slides right off, keeping your pooch protected inside. 

Also waterproof are the leg protectors of this dog house, ensuring the wet ground doesn't get into the house's legs or the house itself. 


Best of all, this log cabin dog house is a temperate place for your dog to relax, whether the weather is cool or warm. It's designed to be comfortable in every season. 


Door - 9.5W x 13.4H in.

Interior - 29.5L x 18.9W x 17.1H in.

Exterior - 33.7L x 22.6W x 23H in.





Door - 13W x 16.5H in.

Interior - 36.6L x 22.2W x 21.7H in.

Exterior - 40.8L x 26W x 27.6H in.




Door - 15W x 21.7H in.

Interior - 41.3L x 25.6Wx 26H in.

Exterior - 45.6L x 30.9W x 32.1H in.




Country Estate Dog House

Live the life of luxury! The solid wood construction of the Country Estate Dog House is sure to impress. Custom wood molding, asphalt shingle roof, adjustable feet for uneven surfaces, and durable weatherproof liner within the roof make this dog house attractive for your yard and livable for your dog. The waterproof leg protectors and raised floor help to keep your pet and its home dry during the rainy and cold seasons.

- External: 37W x 40D x 38H inches
- Internal: 28.5W x 30.5D x 32.5H inches
- Door Opening: 15.75W x 21.25H inches



Cedar Dog House Retreat

Your best friend will be right at home in the Cedar Dog House Retreat. There's plenty of room for all but the largest of dogs, and this dog house features a raised floor to keep your pet off the cold ground. Caps on the legs protect them from weathering and prevent them from sinking. A gable window lets in plenty of natural light and fresh air. When the house is in need of a cleaning, simply raise the roof on its hinges for easy access to the interior.


34W x 34D x 46.5H in.

Dog Size




Pink Sun Deck Dog House

Because the princess deserves a palace, that's why - so there's no other choice besides the Pink Sun Deck Dog House. Crafted of fir wood and painted pink, this dog house offers a covered spot to rest, plus a rooftop area for surveying the kingdom.  Great for use indoors or in a garage, covered porch or patio. It's good to be a princess!
28.25W x 21.50D x 25.50H inches





Country Dog House

Your dog will be a happy camper in this country lodge dog house. The solid wood dog house has a raised panel floor that makes it comfortable and keeps it away from the cold and wet ground below. The weatherproof liner inside the roof makes sure rain and snow stays out, so your pet will be comfortable. The house assembles in four easy steps, so your dog soon can enjoy his new home. The adorable dog house comes in several sizes, so your pet will fit.
- Exterior: 28W x 30D x 30H inches
- Interior: 22W x 22.5D x 23H inches
- Door Opening: 9.4W x 13.3H inches



Indigo Dog House

Whether it's storming outside or the sun is shining, protect your canine buddy from the elements with the Indigo dog house from Petmate. Made from durable structural foam and shaped like an igloo, this dog house stays cool in summer and warm in winter for year-round comfort. The extended doorway gives your pup room to spread out, and it helps keep rain or snow from getting inside. You can choose from three different sizes, depending on the size of your dog.

37.5L x 30.5W x 22.8H inches



Indoor Dog House & End Table
Treat your lovable companion to the best in luxurious comfort and protection with the ultra-durable Habitat-n-Home Inn Place Crate/Table. This handy dog crate is sturdily crafted in natural, recycled wood fibers and polymers, and its elegant, versatile design means it can double as another piece of furniture in your bedroom or family room. The crate is easy to maintain and will last your family for years of rugged use. Set up requires no tools, and can be completed in under 10 minutes.

23.6L x 18.1W x 22H inches



Colonial Manor Dog House

The family dog will love the comfortable quality of the Precision Outback Colonial Manor, and dog owners will love the style it lends to their property. Protection from weather and elements through its weather resistant sealed coating, solid wood construction, and weather resistant liner within the roof offers extra protection to improve the quality of life for dogs when outside.
36.4L x 26.8W x 31.9H inches



Solid Cedar Dog House

This dog house is built to last! Made with Northern White Cedar and the highest grade materials, this house is created by skilled craftsmen to provide the nicest of homes for your furry friend. A stainless metal roof cap and 15 lb. felt paper insulation to help protect your dog from harsher weather conditions.  Natural White Cedar has natural preservatives that protects the wood from decay, insects and rotting. Untreated white cedar has been found to possess a high natural durability making this wood a great choice for outdoor conditions. If left unfinished this wood will age to a silky, silvery gray surface.
- External: 22W x 25D x 23H inches
- Internal: 9W x 18H inches
- Door Opening: 9.5W x 10.75H inches



Classic Cedar Dog House

Made of solid cedar, the Classic Cedar Dog House will endure years of use with very little maintenance. Not only will your pet find great comfort in their own domain, but cedar doghouses are resistant to pests, rot, weather and moisture. Cedar also offers natural insulation properties that keep your doghouse cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Built with strict quality standards, each is attractively finished with a waterproof cedar stain and oil-stained roof. The solid tongue and groove floor, not found in many other doghouses, reduces drafts and keeps pets warmer. The offset door provides protection from the weather and includes a clear vinyl flap door that is split, making it easier for your pet to enter and exit, while keeping the weather and dirt out. All-terrain, adjustable waterproof plastic feet will keep the house level and comfortable. The Classic Doghouse will make an attractive addition to your back yard.
33.8W x 38.6D x 34.6H in



Flat Roof Dog House

Let your dog enjoy the benefits of his own private pad with the Spotty XL Insulated Flat Roof Dog House. This house is crafted from solid wood and is easily assembled. It features a raised floor to keep your pet and his house out of the ground water and it has a flat roof that can be removed. This house is designed to keep dogs comfortable and safe from the elements. The insulated walls and plastic door flaps keep out the cold, while the stylish windows let in the sunlight. The easy to open roof makes cleaning a breeze. This house is made within the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council.
41.5L x 29.25D x 32.5H in.



Natural Log Cabin Dog House

Honor your hound with a home suited for honest Abe in a Natura Log Cabin Dog House. The sturdy, weatherproof glazed pine construction can withstand the harsh elements of all four seasons, and the roofed porch lets your dog relax in the shade or out of the rain. The composite granulated shingled roofing is long-lasting and certain to keep the interior bone-dry. Plastic tipped legs support the dog house and maintain proper air circulation underneath the house.

Medium: 39.25W x 35.25D x 35.25H inches

Large: 51W x 41.25D x 39.25H inches


Indoor Dog House & End Table

Indoor Dog House & End Table designed for the convenience of pets and pet owners alike. It combines a Doggie Den and End Table, all in one high quality, furniture grade cabinet. Alternatively, use it as a litter box cabinet for your cat. It's constructed of eco-friendly hardwood that is highly durable and resistant to moisture and odors. A unique feature is the interchangeable pet-access panel, which can be assembled on the left or right side, making it easily adaptable to any location you choose, guaranteeing years of enjoyment.

Providing convenient access to the cabinet, the top is held open with a spring-loaded hinge. The waterproof melamine MDF floor eliminates absorption of liquids & odors and is easy to clean. Removable floor carpet keeps pets comfortable. A hook holds accessories inside and non-marking furniture glide feet protect floors. Designed for the discriminating pet owner, this versatile doggie den cabinet is perfect for your pets.

26.7L x 21.2W x 19H in



Duplex Dog House

The Precision Extreme Duplex Dog House is the perfect combination of camaraderie and privacy. Dogs are pack animals and love to be with other dogs, but they often need their own space too. This two-bay duplex provides all that with beautiful solid fir siding, silky smooth hardwood floors and a real asphalt roof. If it were any bigger, you could move in there yourself. Assembles easily, while your dogs eagerly wait.

77.8W x 37.6D x 38.8H inches



Heated Dog House Mansion

Your furry friend will lounge in style in the Heated Mansion Dog House with Heater. Made in a solid fir wood construction, this deluxe dog house features a unique and distinctive house design. Its raised floor keeps your pet dry while its stable structure allows the house to withstand humidity and extreme temperatures. Ultra-durable, this dog house comes with a doggy door for easy access and to protect your buddy from the elements. The roof and bottom panels are removable for easy cleaning.

47W x 48D x 39H inches



Insulated Aluminum Dog House

Regardless of the season, your little furry friend will have a nice place to come back to with the Options Plus Insulated Dog House. This insulated dog house is expertly built with an aluminum outer skin, with wood on the inside and half-inch Styrofoam padding in between. The house features v-grooved side and top panels, ensuring smooth edges. Other features include the no-chew aluminum channel door frame, and the 3-inch bottom skids to keep the house above ground. A removable top allows for easy cleaning.

29L x 30W x 24H inches



Heated Flat Roof Dog House

Let your lovable pet choose how he lounges with the Heated Insulated Flat Roof Dog House with Heater. This durable doghouse is constructed of solid wood and features a flat removable roof for easy cleaning, but can also be used to sunbathe the day away. Its raised floor keeps your pup safe and dry, while the warm heater provides a cozy atmosphere during the tough seasons.

41.5L x 29.25D x 32.5H in



Heated Wooden Insulated Dog House

Your furry friend will love to go home each night to the Wooden Insulated Dog House with Heater and Dog Door. This A-frame style house with a gable roof design is sure to beautify your backyard with its log-cabin look. There is an ornate arched window above the door to welcome your pet to its own home. Made of wood, this dog house is ecologically sound. In addition, the house is insulated, so it will provide more comfortable temperatures year-round. The floor panel is raised to create some space in between the house and the ground. This helps your dog's house stay cooler in the warmer seasons and keeps your pet off the cold and wet ground in the winter months. The roof is removable to make cleaning much easier. Plus, the 150-watt heater provides heat within a range of 32 square feet. It's easy to mount the heater on any wall, and heat shields protect against any accidental burns. The house assembles in four simple steps.

Heater dimensions: 10W x 4.5D x 10.5H inches. House dimensions: 35.75W x 38D x 41H inches



Heated Log Cabin Dog House

Keep your favorite canine companion warm and cozy all through the night with this heated log cabin doghouse. This dog house features a built-in heater that provides 150 watts of heating power. The slanted roof sends rain and snow off the back of the doghouse, so the entryway stays dry during sudden storms, and the bottom is raised off the ground to keep it up and off the damp grass or dirt. The entrance is off to one side to give your dog more maneuvering space inside the doghouse.

Solid wood construction with a raised floor and slant-roof design helps to keep your pet dry and warm. Plus, the 150-watt heater provides heat within a range of 32 square feet. The off-center entrance provides increased shelter from the elements, and it allows your pet to turn around inside more easily. A cedar-colored stain on the solid fir wood and a green stain on the roof create a natural look to enhance your backyard.

44.49W x 26.38D x 29.53H inches



Heated Luxury Country Dog House

The Heated Luxury Country Dog House with Heater treats your dog like Donald Trump, with all the finest amenities. The solid wood construction is sure to impress. Other features like custom wood molding, an asphalt shingle roof, adjustable feet for uneven surfaces, and durable weatherproof liner within the roof make this doghouse attractive for your yard and livable for your dog . The waterproof leg protectors and raised floor help to keep your pet and its home dry during the rainy and cold seasons. Plus, the 150-watt heater provides heat within a range of 32 square feet. It's easy to mount the heater on any wall, and heat shields protect against any accidental burns. The house assembles in four simple steps. Heater dimensions: 10W x 4.5D x 10.5H inches. House dimensions: 37W x 40D x 38H inches



Large Size Dog House Kit

Build your pooch the perfect place with the Large Dog House Kit -- a kit that will ease the struggle of DIY construction. Your little dog will be resting in no time, as this set's patented brackets make building a cinch, eliminating mitering and excessive cutting. Includes a materials list, instructions, and plans. Ther is no wood included in this kit.

What's Included:

18 angle brackets, 6 stud brackets, materials list, instructions

What's Not Included:





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